The Iron Kids Triathlon began in 1988 as a Gibbons Company event held at Shelly Bay Beach in Hamilton Parish. It was later organized by Capital G Bank, now Clarien Bank, and is now held at Clearwater Beach in St. David’s.

Former Iron Kids participants, including Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion Flora Duffy, Tyler Smith and Erica Hawley, continue to represent Bermuda as professional triathletes.

The Triathlon

Children ages 3 to 15 are invited to compete for a chance to win up to a $1,000 Clarien Iron Kids Bank account!

The Junior Triathlon (Ages 7 – 15)

Children ages 7-15 swim, bike and run to the finish line. This competition is open to all children, but veteran youth triathletes often participate.

Boys & Girls (Ages 11-15)
• 200 meter swim
• 5 mile bike
• 1 mile run

Boys & Girls (Ages 7-10)
• 100 meter swim
• 2.5 mile bike
• 0.5 mile run

Tiny Tots Race (Ages 3 – 6)

This is the last triathlon event of the day, open to children ages 3-6. Tiny Tots must be accompanied by an adult.

• 10 meter swim
• 250 meter bike
• 50 meter run

All participants must be age 3 to 15 on December 31, 2024. Children turning 7 or 11 before December 31 will be required to register in the next age group category.

Course Map


Clarien Iron Kids is a community-driven event hosted by Clarien Bank allowing youth living in Bermuda to compete in a traditional swim, bike and run junior triathlon.