2013 Clarien Iron Kids Triathlon Winners

2013 Triathlon Winners

Every Iron Kid participant received a finisher’s medal, with top awards going to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in the Triathlon age group categories. The below winners received funds that were placed in Clarien Bank Iron Kids Savings Account.

.ks-5971Iron Kids 2013 award

Clarien Bank 2013 Account Winners were:

Overall Female Fastest Time

  • First place: Lynsey Palmer receiving $1,000.
  • Second place: Alyssa Rowse receiving $500.
  • Third place: Rebecca Harrison receiving $250.

Overall Male Fastest Time

  • First place: Matthew Oliveira receiving $1,000.
  • Second place: Alex Pilgrim receiving $500.
  • Third place: Alex Bordage receiving $250.

Overall Triathlon Age Group winners were:

7-10 Overall Non-Racing Bike Female

  • First place: Jessie Marshall
  • Second place: Kayla Bardgett
  • Third place: Elsa Stevenson

7-10 Overall Non-Racing Bike Male

  • First place: Blake Oliveira
  • Second place: Tommy Marshall
  • Third place: Max Blakeney

7-10 Overall Racing Bike Female

  • First place: Amber Simons
  • Second place: Megan Hands
  • Third place: Tilda Norman

7-10 Overall Racing Bike Male

  • First place: Caleb Ingham
  • Second place: Ne-Jai Tucker
  • Third place: Alexander Southern




Clarien Iron Kids is a community-driven event hosted by Clarien Bank allowing youth living in Bermuda to compete in a traditional swim, bike and run junior triathlon.